Saturday, 20 August 2016

And now it's August...........I've just acquired what is probably the best clock I've bought for three years or more and I'm suitably excited about it. It's a splendid and imposing walnut-cased longcase clock by John Knibb, who was working in Oxford around the end of the 17th century. This one dates from about 1710 and is in amazingly good condition for its age; the case positively glows with colour, and is topped with three solid brass finials which give it a total height of 8' 3" (248 cm). All I have to do to this clock is to dismantle the mechanical part and give it a good overhaul: everything else is absolutely fine, and I have already put pictures of it on my website. Can hardly wait to show it off to potential clients!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Latest Clock News

Welcome to my new blog where I'll be updating you on any new clocks or interesting finds.

This one is a fine three-train longcase which chimes every quarter hour on a nest of eight bells. I've only just bought it, so it awaits restoration but will be available from the end of June.

It was made by John Ellicott in about 1760 and is in a fine mahogany case which has brass stringing to the hood, trunk and plinth--one of the finest London mahogany cases of the 18th-century.

Craig B